About Us
At MyyShop, we're committed to helping creator and influencer succeed.
Who We Are
MyyShop is a social commerce platform to enable Creators/Influencers to effortlessly make money. Start to join MyyShop and create your own MyyShop Link, you will make money from every order generated.
Our Mission
Empower creators and entrepreneurs with the digital tools and resources they need to build a successful and sustainable business.
Our Vision
To be the go-to destination for creators to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and build a thriving business.


As Creators
What does compensation look like on MyyShop?

As a Creator, you can generate commission on any order that's placed on a retailer's site after someone clicks Your MyyShop Link.

Compensation is commission-based program, you will earn a percentage of the sales you drive, based on the percent of the total checkout price, before shipping and tax, including items purchased within the retailer's cookie window.

Commissions is showed on "Pending Earnings" immediately, and ready for withdrawal on "Confirmed Earnigns" as retailers confirm that the sales are closed. This excludes any items that are returned by shoppers. The confirmation window typically takes anywhere from 45–60 days.

How do I reach out if I have more questions?

Email support@myyshop.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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